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SAP Upgrade & Migration

With the introduction of new business and government laws, market dynamics changed overnight. In addition, with the introduction of new technologies, new and more powerful versions of the SAP system have been continuously developed and brought to the market. Therefore, it is necessary to upgrade the existing system technology. Once a newer major version is available, you don’t have to worry about stagnant support for old versions and legacy systems, as long as you understand the latest versions and technologies of the products provided. SAP needs to be updated regularly.


How can Codestrela Technologies Solutions help you?

Our migration and upgrade services are tailored to the needs of the company when migrating to a new version or new technology. Upgrading or migrating services is a complex process that requires careful planning and professional project management.


Codestrela Technologies Solutions ensures that customers experience minimal downtime, smooth transitions, and successful upgrades/migrations so that their existing SAP systems remain intact. A quick and easy transition process can minimize risk and downtime while maximizing your business benefits. Our consultants work closely with you to manage all aspects of the upgrade and migration of the SAP system, from planning and debugging to feature development, to launch and support. Migration and its impact Upgrading to SAP S/4HANA can transform your business into an enterprise in real-time, allowing you to seize new opportunities, accelerate innovation, and optimize operations for healthier profits. HANA is not just about speed, it is important to understand this. HANA is also a new feature. HANA is designed to run standard SAP processes. It has been implemented and worked in full accordance with the process designed by SAP. In this case, this process may happen faster, even 10 times. Migrating to SAP HANA can provide greater flexibility and enable companies to react more quickly to market changes and business events. The steps for a successful migration to SAP HANA include: Develop a business case, perform an assessment, follow up the process, perform the migration, and ensure long-term success. Codestrela Technologies Solutions will follow these steps to migrate the organization from HANA. Technical evaluation.


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