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Static Website Desinging

Static Website Desinging Company

Codestrela Technologies Static Website Designing Company  who does not require frequently changes or updations in their Website So they can choose to go Static Website Designing for their business , its very useful HTML Pages for Search engine optimization purpose its help to come on top pages on search engine Like,,, etc and helps you to generates more leads and ultimately more sales or New Customer for your Business. The static website design is designed with few web pages and fixed content, coded in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and show the fix information to the entire visitors. It is a basic type of website and no more efforts are to pay for creating this. Apart from dynamic website, static sites do not need any big programming or database design to maintain content. It can be built by using HTML code and publishing them to a web server.


Using HTML, Javascript, JQuery and many other tools are used for static web designing process, as Innovative Digital Marketing develop Static Website to manage small ventures to connect with customers easily.


• Easier to create and host
• Cost for a static website lower than a dynamic website
• Quicker to design and build
• Easy to modify with little HTML coding
• Add maximum pages with minimum scripts and html
• Well suited to smaller companies
• Static sites are Search Engine friendly