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College Management

College Management

Itโ€™s an advanced School Management System Software used to manage information regarding students, office staff, Librarian, Account officer, administrators and other school personnel use this platform to communicate and perform tasks.The software system provides users with login credentials for accessing the files.This software is designed keeping in view the basic requirement of the particular school. This software provides a secure database structure with Login authenticated system that organises stores and retrieves real-time information. This software covers several modules like class management, Account management, Event Management, Transportation Management, Library Management, Hostel Management. This School Management System has a large database system with Database Backup and Recovery that can be used for Schools Daily Work.

It has multiple views for three different-different users:Powerful User Rights Management System: All the users will be controlled by admin. Admin can give all rights to other users manually.1. Admin can perform all transactions.2. Librarian (Book Issue and Book Return)3. Accounts officer can perform transactions.


  • Access to master entries like student details, subject details, transportation, hostel, events, exams, etc.
  • Access to SMS and email features, log maintenance facility, record searching and lot more.
  • Customised with inbuilt account module provided with balance sheet
  • Access to another module like hostel, library, transportation, examination and advance record searching
  • Ensured with event management module