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Matrimonial Portal

Matrimonial Portal

Arrange marriages are still considered to be a General approach in India according to a recent survey conducted by a matrimonial site around 92% of people in India shoes but not through means of an arranged marriage proceeding. Due to this reason the matrimonial portal industry is the fastest growing industry in India. We at Godzilla help you in the development of a first rate metric hotel to provide a platform for your website user to search a perfect match for themselves the matrimonial portal develop by bus makes it easy for the people and communities worldwide to find the perfect partner by using automated comparison and last database profile for matching.

1- provide a platform for users:

Unless you have a decent matrimonial portal you cannot provide a platform for your users to search for a perfect match even prospective brides and grooms will not be able to contact you so you need and appealing matrimonial portal that will help you connect with your perspective clients.

2- registration in minutes:

Simple at appealing matrimonial portal enables user registration in minutes when user can register on your website easily and in minutes they find it quick and easy and so stick to your portal.

3- large database:

If you have an interesting matrimonial portal you will have a large data of the candidates with you but managing this use data is quite a difficult task so you can manage your entire data in the database of your matrimonial portal which you can access anytime also your data will be always safed in the database.
Codestrela Technology is an expert in matrimonial portal development and maintenance that strengthen to cover all the user requirements we have develop matrimonial portals for several clients our portals in them to provide appropriate matches to numerous soon to be bride and grooms our clients also have recognise us for developing matrimonial portals for them that feature large database as a result of a strong database they have been able to provide several options to their users to pick there would be bride or groom.

Features of our matrimonial portals:
1-Customise portal development-

Includes both designing front end user interface as well as code development backend including dynamic functionality of the portal as for user actions and Database Management we work with various languages tools to achieve this functionality with our portal development services you get high speed development greater productivity top level security indemnity simple configuration of application and security development support and enhancement in the existing application re-engineering and application etc.

2- easy to navigate interface :

Various mechanism come together within a website to form a complaints to navigation system with each unit in the system playing a different role some access the main categories of the side other of earnings two related pages to outside some links might provide access to useful features for the the site itself such as side search and help.
The way in which the different types of navigation arrange on the page plays a large role in how visitors will pursue and use them hence the purpose of navigation type should be clear and obvious for a more efficient interaction we provide you with the best suited interface for your website which plays a major role in generating leads and conversions.

3- user-friendly and appealing design :

Today our interactions with the digital world surface or human interactions in a digital world where experience greatly matter websites user interface must be appealing user-friendly facilitate a visitor to learn more about the portal and its offerings.
User interface from a visitor to seek for the information navigate the site
make registration or Purchase Decision through dialogue or a series of clicks in this modern era of digital marketing user interface plays a pivotal role in increasing conversion rates as well as customer loyalty for this very reason our extremely talented team of expert easier to make sure that your website needs all these requirements.

4-Complete privacy:

Looking at the type of portal this portal is provided with the win secure database along with highly secured encryption in order to prevent any customer data or information.

5- Total Security:

Internet Security has become a major issue in this digital era. This is most likely due to to the hackers and cyber criminals that disguise themselves to take over the computers and steel our sensitive data and personal information this is why ensuring we have the best Internet Security is crucially important. We specialise in developing operating and implementing the most complex security solution through various measures. To be able to make our clients really prepared as well as equipped in deterring, detecting, as well as denying danger whether it is source from asymmetrical ones or conventional threats is our ultimate goal.

6- attention- grabbing features:

This feature is the most significant one to make you stand out of the crowd of many similar types of portals and sure that enough customisation and unique features are added to this portal in order to provide a one stop solution to resist.

7- customise application development for the portal:

we take care of all the requirements of the clients and ensure that in a customisation and unique features offered to the client so that the purpose of the portal is well cater with.

8- easy availability of solutions :

With us by your side you will never have to worry about any wave related problems that arise and you can actually save up on all that extra time as well as resources that you had otherwise have had to invest in our expert team of both experience as well as young professional are highly equipped to deal with any issues at the earliest.

9-Content management and user management:

One of the most important admin functions with any website is Managing your content as well as users both at the same time the rise of inbound marketing tactics such as social media online video Search Engine Optimisation mobile paid media and email marketing has created a need for good quality content and it has become a need of the hour.
Our structure will bring consistency and create accurate roles and responsibilities this will allow the organisation to quickly measure the results of their content.

10- profile registration and matching features:

For a Matrimonial website profile registration should be one of the most important features and it should be made as simple as possible. Similarly profile matching plays a vital role along with the various filters that accompany along.
In order to help you with this extremely tedious task we provide various in brown solution that not just facilitate ease but also provide maximum productivity.

11- reminder facility:

Systems used to Prompt or at the memory are known as a reminder system this facility plays a vital role especially when it comes to a website such as matrimonial portal where there will be e hundreds and thousands of users and tracking them get almost close to impossible.
We provide the best reminder facility so as to help you with the same and East things out to quite an extent the systems come in the form of computer ise reminders colour coding telephone calls or devices such as letters and postcards.

12- advanced search:

Basically using advanced search operators helps filter out unwanted results getting more specific results or getting the relevant results faster it provides one with more specific results of when implemented search function has great potential for the success of any website.
We can help you send newsletter based on the user search history this is a very effective marketing strategy which provides users with updates on products they might be interested in in and works well in the organisation’s favour this implies that the user search history is recorded and monitored.

13- no impact on the budget:

Understand that each of our clients is different in their own way and not everyone is going to have the same budget hence we work on customising plant so as to enable you to choose from whatever suits your pocket.

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